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Jeff Thomas

Co-Founding Faculty Member of NIFE, CLA, CDLP

Fairfax Mortgage Investments, Inc.

Since 1993, I have helped thousands of homeowners make SMART financing decisions when it comes to owning real estate. After seeing the same mistakes over and over in how people were choosing to finance a home and then repay that mortgage over time. I saw a need for a change in the way I helped clients. Most clients did not have a plan or an understanding of the role the house plays in creating future wealth and adding financial safety to their financial portfolio. I saw a need in our industry.

I have strived to create an entirely new process to help families make smarter decisions when it comes to their mortgage, and with their money. This new conversation helped move from "rates" and "fees" to teaching the 7 steps and 7 questions from my book, Borrow Smart, Repay Smart. By helping to provide much more than a mortgage...I was providing the path to a Bigger, Better Financial Future.

I found when my focus changed, so did my business, and the effect on my client's life moved to another level.

By learning and following our 7-step Freedom Track my clients are happier, more loyal, and have less stress when referring my team and me. .

Jeff Thomas

NMLS ID 227846

Certified Liability Advisor

Senior Loan Officer

Direct: 703-830-9808


Certified Liability Advisor
Cell Phone:
Office Phone:

District Of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia



3900 Jermantown Road, Suite 300 Fairfax, VA 22030, USA

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