Cash and Liability Mastery

CALM - 10 Short Videos Help You Master the Money Game: 


9 SHORT VIDEOS - An introductory course designed to bring peace to your financial journey.  Understanding what money really is, how to manage cash flow, and borrow smart, why, and how to invest.  The course condenses key financial concepts into an easy-to-understand roadmap that you can use with a Certified Liability Advisor™ and/or a Financial Advisor to succeed in the game of financial literacy.

VIDEO 10 - Summarizes the key concepts of the first 9 videos and offer you an opportunity to take The PIN/FIN Challenge:


Complete the challenge by taking a personal survey of your cash and liability mastery over your life to date.  Completing the worksheet allows you to view your PIN - Personal Income Numbers (life time earnings, current hourly rate, your tax rate, your overall assets and liabilities, how long you can stop working now without income), and your FIN - Financial Independence Numbers (how you are doing toward a point where you work less, what your gap is today and what your income might look like if you weren't working in the future).