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NIFE Education

CALM - 10 Short Videos Help You Master the Money Game: 


An introductory course for any age - designed to bring peace to your financial journey.  Understanding what money really is, how to manage cash flow, and borrow smart, why, and how to invest.  The course condenses key financial concepts into an easy-to-understand roadmap that you can use with a Certified Liability Advisor™ and/or a Financial Advisor to succeed in the game of financial literacy.

The Borrow Smart 7 Steps - Think Different about your Borrowing!


A series of videos that illustrate the difference between your house and your home.  How you can learn to look at the Safety, Liquidity and Return of your house investment and reduce your cost of ownership over time.

The Repay Smart Channel - Think Different about your Repaying!


A series of videos that illustrate the best strategies to repay your debt in the most efficient way possible.  Once you borrow, you've made a commitment to repay.  A great repayment strategy along with an annual review can keep you on track to retire your debt at the perfect time.

Strategies - Manage Liabilities Into Assets:


Learn about specific strategies that specifically solve complex financial problems through liability management and real estate.

What is Enough? 


A deeper look at our relationship with Money and how it influences our happiness and overall personal wellness.

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