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Financial Educator

Principal Shield Financial

Shawn Perkins is a Financial Strategist with almost 30 years in the financial services industry. For the first 20 years of his career he specialized in the area of mortgages.


Since 1992, Shawn has helped thousands of families achieve their dream of homeownership. He has helped equally as many families save millions of dollars that would have otherwise been paid to banks, mortgage companies, and credit card companies.


Like many Americans, he was financially devastated by the 2008 Housing and Mortgage Crisis and Stock Market Crash. Shawn has experienced and survived 4 major real estate market crashes, but 2008 was a game changer. That was something we’ve never seen before.


Shawn says his income dropped by 70% and his wife at the time was laid off after 15 years with her employer. They had 2 houses and 3 cars to pay for and their son had just graduated high school and wanted to go to college. In order to survive, they had to sell their home at a significant loss and move back in to their first home.


Most of their savings was in IRAs and 401(k)s and they learned, in the worst possible way, the difference between gambling and investing, and exactly what gambling in the stock market can do to a portfolio.


Shawn also learned that while he was really good at making money, he didn’t know a whole lot about protecting and growing the money they saved.


As a result of the 2008 crash, everything he and his wife had saved was cut by 50% and the other 50% had to be cashed out and used to help cover their living expenses.


That’s when Shawn discovered they had a silent partner: The Federal Government. And they were silent right up to the point that Shawn needed to withdraw their money.


When all was said and done, after penalties and taxes, they got to keep about 60 cents on the dollar of their own money. And that was after losing 50% of that money in the market.


Too many people have lost too much money that didn’t have to be lost and Shawn is on a mission to share what he’s discovered with as many families as he can, so they don’t have to go through what his family went through.


To get your free copy of Shawn’s new book “Who's Stealing Your Retirement? 7 Cunning Thieves Who Are Trying to Ransack Your Nest Egg (And How You Can Catch 'Em)” go to

Mortgage & Financial Strategist
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7777 Alvarado Road Ste 408B, La Mesa, CA 91941

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