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My mission is to help people minimize non-productive debt, build wealth through real estate, and reduce financial distress in retirement. We often help clients over 55 meet needs and maximize lifestyle through tax-efficient home equity solutions.

To help people better understand Home Equity Conversion Mortgages, also known as reverse mortgages, I created an educational platform called, The Reverse Advisor. There you'll find content designed to increase awareness around home equity solutions. Homeowners and professionals can also learn from our YouTube channel and Facebook business page.


My educational content is designed to share ideas and strategies around using a reverse mortgage as a wealth management tool and as a means to provide a more comfortable lifestyle.


In addition to working with people in or approaching retirement, I also help people reduce money-related conflicts, survive unexpected financial challenges, avoid unnecessary wealth transfers to the IRS, and safely grow and enjoy their wealth. As a former Financial Advisor with Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley, I have a unique skillset to help home owners and home buyers of all ages realize their dreams in less time, at less cost, with less stress.

Kent Kopen


United American Mortgage Corporation
Mortgage Planner

Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Texas

Cell Phone:


Office Phone:


3198-F Airport Loop Dr, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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